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The Care and Keeping of You – Now That You’ve Had Surgery


The Care and Keeping of You – Now That You’ve Had Surgery

After undergoing plastic surgery, giving yourself some extra TLC will protect both the results of the procedure and your overall wellness. There are several factors to consider as you care for yourself after surgery, including scar management, weight maintenance, and ongoing checkups with your doctor. Here, we’ll review all of these factors to guide the care and keeping of you post-surgery!

Improving Scarring After Surgery

While some scarring is inevitable after cosmetic surgery, the way you scar is often dependent on your genetics.  Additionally, the same person can scar differently in different body locations. Thankfully, your plastic surgeon will utilize techniques to minimize scarring as much as possible. After the procedure, there are several ways YOU can optimize scars so that they fade as quickly as possible. Here are our top tips:

  • While the scars are still fresh, stay out of the sun whenever possible. When you do go outside, make sure that the scars are covered by clothing. 
  • Cover fresh scars with a silicone-based gel or cream. 
  • Later on in your recovery process, cover any exposed scars with sunscreen before you go outside, even if it’s a cloudy day. 
  • Even after the scars have healed, try not to apply any tension to them. 

Maintain a Healthy Weight

After procedures like liposuction or a tummy tuck, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight as significant weight gain after body contouring procedures will only undo the results of the procedure. Making regular exercise part of your routine and eating a balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight after plastic surgery. 

Check-Ups and Self-Exams

Your breast health is crucial and screening for breast cancer is a gift you can give yourself annually if you are of mammogram age. Don’t skip your annual mammograms after your breast augmentation when your plastic surgeon has cleared you to do so.  You should also continue your monthly self exams, which may help to identify any issues, such as capsular contracture and implant rupture, early on. It’s important to continue seeing your plastic surgeon after breast augmentation to keep tabs on the condition of your implants. Implants don’t last forever, and your plastic surgeon can advise you on the right time to get replacements. 

Dr. Mosiello at Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery will advise you on how to best care for your body after plastic surgery. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more!


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I love Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery ~ Dr. Moseillo, Mary, Nancy & Paula. I had breast cancer and reconstruction with Dr. Moseillo several years ago and knew I would never let anyone perform surgery on me other than him. I decided I wanted to do an Upper Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery). I had the surgery a few months ago, am now at my summer home in Maine and everyone is commenting on how great I look. They have no idea that I had anything done! I keep hearing, “you have amazing eyes”. I am so thrilled with the results, feel 10 years younger and if you’re thinking about this procedure, or any other for that matter, do not hesitate to go to Tampa Palms

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Dr. Mosiello, plain and simply put , is the BEST ! I did a lot of research and he was the one I chose and am very thankful and grateful that I did, as I had consulted with other plastic surgeons from other cancer centers. Dr. Mosiello surpassed in every area. He and his staff truly care and are warm, friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. Which takes the stress out of any pre surgery or procedure. Knowing you have the best surgeon in your corner is the most important part. Post surgical procedures look amazing and he has saved my life, and has made me whole again. Look no further, he IS the best.

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Dr. Mosiello taught me how to live again after having breast cancer. His staff is truly a blessing. He is an amazing artist and a wonderful Doctor and friend.

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I came to Dr. Mosiello’s practice as a reluctant patient who had just been given the diagnosis of breast cancer. I have been in several doctors’ office’s during my diagnosis and treatment and Dr. Mosiello’s office is my favorite. He is a very kind, competent surgeon who patiently answered questions and explained things fully. I was given clear post op directions and checked on by the nurse before my first post op visit and someone was always available if I had a question or concern. His staff is amazing! Melissa, Paula, Mary and Carol are all very personable and caring. This is also an office where I did not wait long periods of time to be seen. Things run smoothly and timely. I would highly recommend Dr. Mosiello to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Mosiello is an absolute pleasure and privilege to have when in circumstances requiring his knowledge and care. His staff are fantastic as well, all welcoming with a kind smile. Highly recommend this is a doctor and team you can put your trust in.