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Shaped Breast Implants Provide Patients with More Realistic Results

New Tampa Plastic Surgeon Offers Shaped Breast Implants

Patients in the Tampa Bay area considering breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons will be interested to learn about one of the latest developments in the field: shaped breast implants. Thanks to the latest technology and designs, these implants look more natural and provide longer-lasting satisfaction.

Approved by the FDA in 2013, this new line of implants is designed with a shape that will follow a woman’s real curves, with a more gradual slope that looks more true to a woman’s natural silhouette. The material of the implant is made to have a lower rate of rippling, and a highly cohesive gel that will hold its shape over time. Although these implants are newly approved, Dr. Mosiello has participated in studies since 2005, giving him nearly a decade of experience working with shaped implants.

Only a few manufacturers are producing these new shaped implants. One of these suppliers, Sientra, only works with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons, due to the skill required during the procedure, and the company’s commitment to patient satisfaction. Dr. Mosiello is one such surgeon with whom they work; he recently attended a conference at Sientra headquarters regarding the new line of implants. Another leading manufacturer of shaped breast implants is Allergan.

Not every patient needs these new shaped breast implants. In some cases, the standard implants are perfectly suitable for a woman’s needs. However, in special cases of augmentation and particularly reconstructive surgery, shaped implants can provide the more natural-looking results a patient is seeking. Every woman is different and no single solution is right for every patient, but shaped implants are a bold step toward more customized and natural implants.

Dr. Mosiello is happy to work with any patient and use his expertise to help find the right type, shape and style of implant that will provide the results they desire. His years of experience with shaped breast implants are invaluable in helping any patient determine whether shaped breast implants or another type of cosmetic solution is best suited for them.

Learn more about shaped breast implants and whether they’re the right choice for you

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