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Top reasons people opt for explant surgery


Explant surgery: Every day, the number of people who decide to undergo breast implant surgery increases. It could be for various reasons, to achieve a particular breast size or maybe side effects from having a baby and much more.

There are also different reasons people may want the removal of their breast implant; maybe it’s been up to 10 years since you’ve had your current implants or due to a change or medical complications that could have originated from getting a breast implant.

You may be worried about taking out your breast implants; what happens, the advantages and the risks. So, since you have those concerns, let’s shed some light on them with breast implant removal surgery.

What is breast explant surgery?

Explant surgery is commonly known as breast implant removal. As the name implies, it is a procedure carried out by a plastic surgeon to remove your current breast implants. Breast implants achieve various positive results, lasting for an extended period but not forever.

The manufacturers recommend the implants be changed or removed after 10-15 years. Breast implants are silicone shells that can be filled with either silicone gel or salt water; after a long period, these implants can rupture and can lead to implant leakage, which can affect the scar tissue and cause the implants to feel hard; this can bring about a lot of pain and discomfort to the breast and even lead to further health complications.

In such cases, a breast explant surgery is carried out; this procedure takes about 1-2 hours and does require the administration of general anesthesia to put you in a sleep-like state.

Having breast explant surgery is just as significant as getting a breast implant surgery, and this means you will drop some habits before undergoing surgery, such as avoiding medications that increase bleeding risks and keeping away from using tobacco products.

Why do you need breast explant surgery?

People initially decide to get bigger breasts for different reasons. For patients considering getting a breast explant, this may also be for cosmetic or medical reasons. Maybe they didn’t like the new shape of their breasts, which may be due to recent changes to the breasts or body. It could be a result of aging, or a “breast implant surgery gone wrong,” or you just had a baby and breastfed, which can bring many changes to the breasts, including fuller or saggy breasts, and the list goes on and on.  You should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate what you see; Explant surgery may be the help you need to get your body confidence back.

There are several risks and health complications that could arise after getting a breast implant procedure. The most common reason people get breast implant removal for medical reasons is to address the scar tissue that hardens and causes pain and discomfort; this is known as capsular contracture. Scar tissues forms after the placement of an implant. Initially they are very soft and may not need to be removed.  The longer the breast implants stay, the harder the scar tissue can become. With breast implant removal, the implants can be removed and in some cases the scar tissue will be removed as well to help improve the look of the breast and help prevent further health complications regarding the reason for getting the implants removed in the first place.

Advantages of getting breast explant

Breast Explant surgery removes implants to treat an issue related to the existing implants or to exchange out your current implants for new implants.   The benefits are extensive and range from boosting self-confidence, improving body image, as well to reducing the difficulty of getting a mammogram.


A mammogram involves the using-energy X-rays to examine the breast, primarily for detecting breast cancer through diagnosis and screening. The placement of breast implants can affect mammogram images and interfere with breast tissue results shown on the x-ray, which can cause inaccuracies or necessitate additional testing. With the removal of these implants, mammograms can be interpreted more clearly and help aid accurate results, facilitating early detection of breast cancer.

Avoid rupture of implants

Implants are made of silicone gel or saline (salt water). Both implants are equally vulnerable to rupture with different health complications. A breast implant could rupture due to technical issues with the breast implant procedure, impact on the breast from an accident or trauma, or leaks and cracks that could develop over time; this could lead to a change in the shape of the breast and breast pain. Since breast implant ruptures are not regarded as medical emergencies, undergoing breast implant removal surgery would alleviate any anxiety regarding future rupture. If you are wanting to replace your ruptured implants you’ll be happy to know that most companies have warranties which provide for replacement implants in the event of a rupture.

Enhance body confidence

Not being confident about your body’s appearance can lead to depression and anxiety, affecting your everyday life. With breast explant surgery, you can present your natural breasts and enhance the look of your breast just the way you want it, allowing you to step into any room confidently and show as much cleavage as you want. An Explant surgery may boost your confidence and make you more comfortable in your skin.

Risks associated with getting a breast explant surgery

All surgeries have risks, but when not performed by qualified plastic surgeons and health professionals, breast implant removal can lead to more harm than good. You may have changes and asymmetries from the removal of scar tissue.  You may not be satisfied with the result and may even have a breast infection when not taken care of properly. You may have breast asymmetry and excess loose skin, which may require breast lift surgery.


Breast Explant Surgery is a very effective way to address concerns with your current breast implants. Implants can be permanently removed or exchanged, and the procedure usually yields positive results. Booking your breast explant appointment with Dr. Mosiello, a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon at Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery, ensures a customized approach to address your specific concerns and minimize your risks.  We’re dedicated to meeting your breast goals and making the process healthy and safe.


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