Patient Reviews

Dr. Mosiello is an excellent surgeon! He calmed my fears and delivered a great result. I would highly recommend him.
Henry R.
I can’t thank Dr. Mosiello and his staff enough. They were extremely professional and showed true care and concern for my well being. Dr. Mosiello did a wonderful job! I will definitely use him in the future if necessary and highly recommend him to others!
Kelly P.
Dr. Mosiello and his staff are truly exceptional. After a mastectomy and radiation claimed my right breast, I was left with nothing but puckered skin. Thanks to Dr. Mosiello, I now have beautiful breasts. I could not be more pleased. He is an incredibly gifted surgeon, and I am grateful to be one of his patients.
Brenda P.
I was bit in the face by a pit bull. I went to the hospital on a Sunday. No doctor wanted to work on my face because it was very severe. I had to wait for a plastic surgeon on call to fix my face. Dr. Mosiello came in and did an incredible job. Two months later I look normal with no scars. I can’t thank him enough for the great work he did on my face. He is a great surgeon but also a great person. Thank you again for what you did for me.
David B.
Doctor Mosiello did extensive reconstructive surgery for me. He is a Marvelously Skilled Surgeon! Gifted with a talent to garner the best results, he never looses sight of his patients on a personal and human level. He is accompanied by a wonderful office staff that is both caring and professional.
Randy M.
Fantastic plastic surgeon! I had a very large skin cancer removed from my nose. Dr. Mosiello did an excellent job removing and covering the area with a skin graft. It looks great! Dr. Mosiello is a very caring doctor. He is patient with all your questions. He takes time to thoroughly explain the procedure and any follow-up needed. His office staff is also very nice and caring. They make you feel very welcome and are very knowledgeable if you have a problem or just a question. I highly recommend Dr. Mosiello as a plastic surgeon.
Carol W.
I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Mosiello office. Him and his staff did a great job of making me feel comfortable at his office and with my decision to get breast implant. I tell all my friends who want have an amazing job like I do to go see him. I went from a 34 a to a 34 d and my breast look fabulous.
Aisha Muhammad
Dr. Mosiello and his staff are the best. They all make you feel so welcome and completely comfortable. I had consultations scheduled with several plastic surgeons for breast augmentation. Dr. Moseillo took the time to listen to what I wanted and was very honest about the process and my expectations. I brought my husband along for the consultation and we both felt so good and confident about the visit that I didn’t go on any other consultations. I am one year post surgery and I am very pleased with my decision and the results. I wanted a natural looking result and that is exactly what Dr. Mosiello provided.
In October of 2012, at age 47, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. There was so much to think about and so many decisions that had to be made. I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. Dr.Mosiello met with me and talked to me about my options. He and his wonderful staff walked me through each step of this journey. Dr.Mosiello is a perfectionist and I trust him completely. I am very happy with the outcome and, I am thankful for such a wonderful doctor and staff.
Cathy Reigner
The staff is super friendly, caring, and professional. Dr. Mosiello is amazing!! During every appointment prior to surgery and to this day. Everything went as explained from the very beginning to the very end. I had excellent communication with the staff and doctor. I couldn’t be happier with my results.
Elizabeth Cur
Dear Dr. Mosiello – We came to the Moffitt Cancer Center to receive world-class treatment for my melanoma and you gave us even more than that! Thank you for your caring attitude and skill in rebuilding my left ear. The great results of the biopsy of the lymph nodes and cartilage was a joy. We look forward to seeing you in April.

Sincerely – John and Cathy Phillips

We made a donation to the Moffitt foundation in your honor.

Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery is a five star practice. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Mosiello is very knowledgeable and has a tremendous bedside manner. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions that I have.

Margaret W

I have had several procedures with Dr Mosiello. He is an excellent doctor. Professional, thorough, and caring, he always takes time with his patients. He explains options and answers any questions clearly and without hesitation. He is meticulous, concerned and always strives for excellent results for his patients. He also has the best support staff ever! Dr Mosiello‒s team is warm, friendly and knowledgable. A++++

Lenice Dearing

I have had a problem with facial melonoma. I am so very grateful to Dr Mosiello for the excellent results of my surgery. Friends and family alike cannot believe that after what was an extreme procedure to me, they must look very close to even detect any scarring. Not only has he become someone I trust in the future, but a warm calming friend. Keep whistling while you work.

Judith Sanchez

I had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Mosiello 10 years ago and had a baby 2 years post surgery. When I had my mammogram this year, the mammographer was very complimentary about the look of my breasts post reduction and she could not believe that the surgery was 10 years old. She also shared that my reduction was the best job she had ever seen in her 15 years as a mammographer. Thank You Dr. Mosiello! 🙂

Mrs L Smith

Thankyoubannerphoto copy

On August 2, 2012, patient William Bruckner expressed his grateful appreciation to Dr. Mosiello in a very unique and “high flying” tribute!

“You may not have “changed my life”. . . but you sure made me smile even more than normal when I look in the mirror. You were blessed with the talent to save lives and to make “some of us just happy.’ ”

– JL, Tampa, FL

Words cannot express how thankful we are for everything you’ve done for our family. May God bless you…”

EL, Tampa, FL

“Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your support.”

– SJH, Ocala, FL

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the help and genuine kindness you have shown me. Your patience and understanding made me feel that you were truly interested in my well-being. I could not have asked for anyone more competent or caring and you have my sincere appreciation.

– NT, Land O Lakes, FL

“Dr. Mosiello, thank you for your dedication to patient care.”

– RP, Indialantic, FL

“I went for my 3 month visit to the oncologist on Friday. I saw the physician’s assistant for the first time. She checked my breasts to see how they were…and told me that this was the best breast reconstruction she had ever seen. She was greatly impressed. As am I. Please pass on the compliment to Dr. Mosiello.”
-AN, via email
“Dear Dr. Mosiello, How blessed I am to have made the decision on your being my surgeon. My recovery has been “seamless” and I am thrilled with the results! Many thanks to you and your lovely, caring staff.”
PG, Tampa
“Dr. Mosiello, I am grateful that you have come into my life to help me through this part of my journey, I am in a good place and very happy. Thank you.”
– NC, Vero Beach, FL
“Just two little words but they say it all – THANK YOU!”
– MB, Tampa, FL
“Thank you for putting me back together!”
– AN, Tampa, FL
“. . . not only are your clinical skills excellent but you ‘shine’ with caring and concern. I can tell every patient is important to you.”
– VS, Wesley Chapel, FL
“Jennifer- Thank you again for performing your magic. It is so great to look in the mirror and like the face I see.”
CW, Tampa, FL

The Essence

In Loving Gratitude to Dr. Gerard Mosiello, By Trisha Phillips

A woman’s value comes from her heart; Compassion, gentleness, and grace

So many are easily misled; Let’s refresh and allow for a new start.

For the essence of her resides in the soul; Oh what a shame-society

To place unrealistic expectations; That from her body it should bellow.

I, too, was once captive by that notion; Unaware and oblivious to what waited inside

A lurking gene with a master key; That would unlock a tidal wave of emotion.

Like an angry storm it was outraged; What did I believe was the best of me?

Caught between ideology and reality; Without breasts-could femininity be center stage?

In an air of tranquil meditation; The answer emerged from the depths

Yes! I could be and so much more; I would have courage and determination!

Then like the promise of dew at daybreak; enter a skilled craftsman- Dr. Mosiello

Quiet in demeanor, gifted in trade; He picked up this torch for our sake.

With framed glasses and a quirky smile; He confidently glided through the door

For my inner passion he wasn’t ready; To take a liking to me- it didn’t take but a while.

In my pink pajamas and drains, And sporting the occasional tiara

My essence permeated the room; Perhaps quite possibly he thought I was insane.

Nonetheless as time went rapidly by; He gingerly put together what

Nature had taken away; Only the physical-right indeed- society had lied.

I felt a comfort in his care; And a peace with his staff

Visits were a pleasure; Moffitt? I forgot I was there.

My spirit is my gift; and my attitude a choice.

Dr. M is the best and I appreciate him giving me a lift!

The Gardener
Written for Dr. Mosiello from MMV. I will always be grateful!

Where once Daffodils had grown toward the afternoon sun’

Only weeds and trash remained choking the beauty and life from the once happy garden.

The gardener, standing at the open gate, surveyed the damage and though

Everyone else saw tragedy, he imagined the future.

He carefully placed his gloves on his skillful hands and began to work;

pulling, placing, tending and nurturing the broken and lost garden.

Will you create me as I was before? the garden asked in a nostalgic voice.

The gardener sighed heavily and replied “Before is in the past, I can only mold from the future, trust in my vision.” Time passes and heals old wounds just as winter turns into spring. The gardener once again stands at the open gate and surveys his work. The garden finally able to greet the sun notices the changes to her form. “The work of your hands has returned to me my dignity and beauty, thank you”

She joyfully cries. The gardener smiles and closes the gate. “Where are you going?” the garden asks.

“You are dancing once again in the light of the day, I must find another rosebush or sunflower who does not see their own beauty, and help them dream a new beginning.”


Sidebar Contact

I love Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery ~ Dr. Moseillo, Mary, Nancy & Paula. I had breast cancer and reconstruction with Dr. Moseillo several years ago and knew I would never let anyone perform surgery on me other than him. I decided I wanted to do an Upper Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery). I had the surgery a few months ago, am now at my summer home in Maine and everyone is commenting on how great I look. They have no idea that I had anything done! I keep hearing, “you have amazing eyes”. I am so thrilled with the results, feel 10 years younger and if you’re thinking about this procedure, or any other for that matter, do not hesitate to go to Tampa Palms

Tammy Ahearn

Dr. Mosiello, plain and simply put , is the BEST ! I did a lot of research and he was the one I chose and am very thankful and grateful that I did, as I had consulted with other plastic surgeons from other cancer centers. Dr. Mosiello surpassed in every area. He and his staff truly care and are warm, friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. Which takes the stress out of any pre surgery or procedure. Knowing you have the best surgeon in your corner is the most important part. Post surgical procedures look amazing and he has saved my life, and has made me whole again. Look no further, he IS the best.

Stacy Kurnot

Dr. Mosiello taught me how to live again after having breast cancer. His staff is truly a blessing. He is an amazing artist and a wonderful Doctor and friend.

Susan Harrigan

I came to Dr. Mosiello’s practice as a reluctant patient who had just been given the diagnosis of breast cancer. I have been in several doctors’ office’s during my diagnosis and treatment and Dr. Mosiello’s office is my favorite. He is a very kind, competent surgeon who patiently answered questions and explained things fully. I was given clear post op directions and checked on by the nurse before my first post op visit and someone was always available if I had a question or concern. His staff is amazing! Melissa, Paula, Mary and Carol are all very personable and caring. This is also an office where I did not wait long periods of time to be seen. Things run smoothly and timely. I would highly recommend Dr. Mosiello to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon.

Melissa H

Dr. Mosiello is an absolute pleasure and privilege to have when in circumstances requiring his knowledge and care. His staff are fantastic as well, all welcoming with a kind smile. Highly recommend this is a doctor and team you can put your trust in.