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Obagi Skin Care

Skin Care Products

Obagi ProductsThe medical-grade skin care products produced by Obagi Medical® are specifically designed to treat a large range of skin conditions. When used as part of a daily skin care regimen, they effectively enhance skin tone, elasticity and texture.

The Obagi systems are scientifically proven and clinically tested to improve the appearance of various skin conditions. The powerful Obagi systems include toners, moisturizers, sun protection products, eye creams, serums and cleansers for a complete line of protection against skin damage.


ReGenica Day Repair SPF 15

This lotion is formulated with next-generation growth factors, and is a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides protection against skin damage and signs of skin aging.

ReGenica Overnight Repair

This lotion is formulated with next-generation growth factors to help promote skin rejuvenation by moisturizing the skin. It efficaciously restores moisture to the skin overnight and helps repair the appearance of past damage caused by sun exposure, irritants and pollutants.


Obagi Systems

Obagi Nu-Derm®

The Obagi Nu-Derm system is the most commonly prescribed skin care product line. This is due to its versatility and effectiveness against signs of aging. The Obagi Clear and Blender products contain 4 percent hydroquinone. They are effective treatments for sun damage and skin discoloration. Obagi Tretinoin is used to treat wrinkles, fine lines and acne. Obagi Exoderm utilizes alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate the skin.


The Elastiderm eye cream boosts collagen production to correct sun damage, reduce fine lines and increase skin elasticity. Elastiderm Décolletage adds a 4 percent hydroquinone skin lightening cream to treat these conditions as well as sensitive chest skin.


The Obagi Clenziderm products are intensive acne treatments that can be customized for various skin types. By using 5 percent benzoyl peroxide and 2 percent salicylic acid, the Clenziderm system reduces acne and clears up acne bacteria in three easy steps.

C® Rx Professional-C

The antioxidant power of Vitamin C in Obagi C Rx Obagi Professional-C improves skin tone. It also corrects aging from environmental damage and free radicals. Use of this product can help keep skin looking younger by protecting the collagen proteins.

Condition Enhance®

The Obagi Condition and Obagi Enhance products are a holistic and effective daily skin maintenance regimen. They are often combined with Obagi Clear, Blender and Exoderm.


Specifically designed for patients suffering from rosacea, Obagi Rosaclear reduces red and inflamed pustules and papules. The system helps balance and protect rosacea-prone complexions. It uses a 0.75 percent Metronidazole topical gel, cleanser, moisturizer and sun protection.

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