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Top Reason Why You May Need Breast Implant Surgery


Breast Implant Surgery: The female breasts have many significant benefits; using breast milk to feed the young, for instance, is one of the fascinating advantages of a breast. Apart from breastfeeding, the breast has also been a desirable feature of a female; it beautifies appearance in and out of clothes.

Certain instances diminish the quality and quantity of our breasts, making them look less appealing. Some of the instances include; Depression, stress, sickness, breast cancer, and breastfeeding. Depression, stress, breast cancer, and breastfeeding can lead to weight loss, reducing the size of our breasts and leaving them saggy and riddled with stretch marks.

A healthy diet and exercise are essential for healthy living and weight gain, but what if, after doing all that, your breasts have refused to get back in shape and remain unappealing, especially in the case of cancer (mastectomy)? What do you do to get your breasts back? Here is a simple solution: breast implant surgery, also called breast augmentation or Boob job.

breast implant surgery

What is breast implant surgery?

A plastic surgeon carries out breast implant surgery, using prosthetics (implants) to enhance the breast’s shape, size, and volume. Regardless of shape or size, a Plastic surgeon can restructure your breasts to give you the perfect breasts. You must have questions like; what does it entail, is it safe, should I be worried? All your questions will be answered, but first, let’s find out what breast implant surgery has done for many people like yourself.

Reasons why people opt for breast implant surgery

A boob job is important to different people for different reasons; some of them include;

Mastectomy Surgery (Fighting breast cancer)

Several women have used mastectomy surgery to remove the two breasts entirely to treat or prevent breast cancer. Breast cancer leaves a person emotionally and physically drained, barely feeling like themselves after a tough battle. With Breast implant surgery, they have the option to reconstruct their breasts to their previous shape, size, and volume. The patient gets their lives back, and they get to feel like themselves again.

Deflated breasts after breastfeeding

Nothing feels better than having your child; the joy is indisputable. After childbirth, the child will breastfeed for a couple of months before changing to baby food. During this process, the weight and full breasts obtained during the pregnancy will decrease, and breast milk recedes. The decrease in breast size will cause the breasts to sag and possess stretch marks.

The saggy breasts riddled with stretch marks may leave the new mother in a depressed state. A breast implant plus a breast lift surgery will help by restructuring the breasts’ size and lifting them to their previous location. The procedure leaves the patient with their desired breast shape and size.

For more pronounced breasts

You might not be happy about the size or shape of your breast, or maybe you desire smaller or bigger breasts. It is normal to feel that way, and it can be rectified with breast implant surgery. Full breasts signify beauty and youthfulness; they enhance your overall figure and appearance. You can get the breasts you desire without the need for extreme workouts and dieting. The procedure is cost-effective and not time taking.

To affirm your gender

Females have breasts; it is an attributed feature of a female. People increase their breast size to look more feminine, especially those undergoing gender-affirming surgery. Breast implant surgery has helped many people affirm their identity; they don’t have to leave for fear of being bullied or harassed; they have a renewed identity that matches them, and they are happier.

For clothes to be more fitting

Fuller breasts bring about a beautiful chest appearance. A well-defined chest area gives you the hourglass figure you’ve always desired. Clothes like a bodycon, crop top, and plunged neckline dresses become more appealing to you after taking breast implant surgery. With an improved breast appearance, you don’t have to find bras of rare small breast sizes.


After the breast implant surgery, you become more body positive. You love your body more and get positive attention from both genders. With renewed self-confidence, your relationships will improve, you become more motivated and less depressed, and you will feel secure and optimistic about life.

The breast implant surgery; what it entails

Dr. Mosiello and the staff at Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery will give you the breakdown of how the surgery will go through when you make an appointment but first, let’s talk about the important things to expect. Breast implants are surgically inserted into the breasts by a Plastic surgeon. Breast implants are of two types which are Silicone or Saline breast implants.

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel, and saline breast implants are filled with sterile salt. They both feel like natural breasts after surgery, especially silicone implants. Breast implants are shaped round or in a teardrop shape (underneath is fuller, and the top part is narrow).

Breast implants can be placed into the breast tissue in two ways; either underneath the breast and chest tissue or between the breast and chest tissue; these procedures are called submuscular and subglandular placements, respectively.

Dr. Mosiello will examine your body to help you choose the right implant for you; this is because choosing the wrong implants (oversized) for you may cause harmful effects like back pain, redness, headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Your height, weight, and body structure will be measured to get a complete insight into your body.

After the surgery, you might experience some discomfort or tightness, but this can be easily treated with the prescribed medications. Breast implant surgeries rarely have complications, and they can be easily treated. Dr. Mosiello will give you a detailed explanation of the surgery and its risks during consultation. Please note that you must be above 22 to have the surgery because breast development continues until your early twenties.


To have complication-free breast implant surgery, you need the right healthcare provider, Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery. You can book an appointment with Tampa Palms Plastic Surgery; they have patient-oriented Plastic surgeons and the best environment for the best services.


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