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Facelift surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure because of its ability to significantly improve most visible signs of aging on the face.

Facelift surgery is capable of rejuvenating both the facial and neck regions. A facelift typically involves the removal of excess skin, tissue and fat deposits, as well as the tightening of underlying tissue and muscles.

When to Consider a Facelift Tampa

Ideal candidates for Tampa facelift surgery are healthy individuals who are dissatisfied with visible signs of aging on their face. Benefits of facelift surgery may include:

  • Excess skin removal
  • Tightening of muscles, tissues and skin
  • Smoothing of facial and neck skin
  • Elimination of jowls or a double chin

The best candidates will also be non-smokers. During the consultation process, Dr. Mosiello will be able to determine if facelift surgery is right for you.


What are the steps of the facelift procedure?

Intravenous sedation or general anesthesia will be administered prior to your procedure. Surgical techniques vary, but incisions typically begin near the temples, extending in a natural line in front of the ear and continuing underneath the ear to the lower scalp.

Dr. Mosiello will then separate the skin from the underlying fat and tissue below. Excess fat deposits under the skin may be removed via liposuction, and the muscles and tissues will be repositioned. The skin is then stretched into a firm position and excess skin is removed. Incisions will be closed with fine sutures for minimal scarring.

What happens after a facelift?

A bandage, dressing or compression garment may be applied immediately following your procedure to minimize swelling and bruising. Tubes may also be inserted to collect fluid that naturally occurs in the incision areas.

It is common to experience some bruising and swelling, though it will generally subside within a few weeks. Stitches are typically removed within a week of surgery, at which time makeup may be worn. Incision lines will continue to fade for up to six months. During the healing process, it is important to protect your face from prolonged sun exposure and accidental trauma.

Is there scarring from a facelift?

Though results vary from patient to patient, incision lines should be minimal after healing is complete. The incisions made during a facelift are purposely positioned to fit within the natural lines of the face and visible scarring will gradually fade for up to six months after your procedure.  Our Tampa facelift patients often feel a renewed sense of confidence after their facelift procedure.  Some of our facelift Tampa, facelift New Tampa, facelift Wesley Chapel patients and their success stories can be found in our photo gallery.

How will I feel after the procedure?

There may be some discomfort immediately following your procedure due to swelling and bruising. Prescription medication may be prescribed to counteract these effects for the first few days. Some numbness or tingling may persist for several weeks.

Are there any possible complications?

There is a very low probability of complication following a facelift. These rare situations may include pain, discomfort or asymmetric appearance. As with all surgical procedures, there is also the risk of bleeding, poor wound healing or infection. Some complications may require revisionary surgery. These risks will be discussed with each patient in depth during the consultation process with Dr. Mosiello.

Learn More About A Facelift Tampa

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