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Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair is performed to treat a wide variety of cosmetic earlobe irregularities which may include stretched, partially or completely torn earlobes.

Typically, earlobe tears occur as a result of the long-term wear of heavy earrings, which create an elongated and weakened earlobe. This elongated earlobe is more sensitive to tearing, which may occur naturally, as the result of a trauma or when playing with young children.

When to Consider Earlobe Repair

Ideal candidates for earlobe repair are healthy individuals who have studied the procedure and its possible outcomes. Earlobe repair may be useful to treat:

  • Elongated earring canals
  • Torn earlobes
  • Damaged earlobes

Some factors may negatively contribute to the healing process, including smoking, a history of some medical conditions, the use of certain medications, and a history of gauged lobes. During the consultation process, your doctor will be able to determine if earlobe repair is right for you. We may require you to send a photo to our office before providing an appointment for a consultation to determine the extent of the repair and potential cost.  In addition, you may be required to come to the office for a consultation appointment prior to scheduling the procedure.


What are the steps of the earlobe repair procedure?

A local anesthetic is administered prior to the procedure for maximum patient comfort. Though each earlobe repair procedure is different, generally the skin around the torn/stretched area is removed to make a raw surface for repair. The tissue and skin are sutured together, creating maximum support for future piercings.

How long does recovery take following the procedure?

Antibiotic ointment is placed on the area to protect it from infection. Generally after about two weeks the stitches are removed. Hair can be washed throughout the recovery period.

 In most cases , patients should wait at least six months before re-piercing the area.

Is there scarring from earlobe repair?

Incisions are closed with fine sutures for minimal scarring, though some incision lines may be visible along the rejoined ear line. Any incision lines should continue to fade for up to six months. There may be residual notching of the lobe.

How will I feel after the procedure?

Most patients of earlobe repair experience very little pain following the procedure. Any pain can be effectively managed with over-the-counter pain relief medications, such as Tylenol. Discomfort should dissipate over the first 24 hours.

Are there any possible complications?

There is a very small chance of complications as a result of this procedure, including irregular scarring, pigmentation or asymmetry. Just as in other surgical procedures, there is a slight chance of infection, bleeding and poor wound healing. All of these risks will be discussed in depth during the consultation process.

Learn More About Earlobe Repair in Tampa

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