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Breast Implant Revision

Breast augmentation revision surgery is a highly personalized procedure elected to restore the breasts to their intended level of fullness, volume and proportion. Any number of natural changes or conditions may contribute to the need for breast augmentation revision surgery. Dr. Mosiello is a leader in breast augmentation and implant revision surgery. In addition, Dr. Mosiello is highly regarded as an exceptional breast implant and augmentation surgeon in the Tampa Palms area, creating beautiful patient results.

Due to many natural causes such as aging, decreased skin elasticity, pregnancy or weight loss, Tampa breast implants may need to be revised as a result of numerous possible complications. Some of these issues include deflation, change in positioning, capsular contracture or other deformities.

When to Consider a Breast Augmentation Revision

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation revision are healthy women who had breast implants in Tampa but are dissatisfied with their implants or have developed a complication. Reasons for revising the breast implants Tampa patients have may include::

  • Loss of implant volume
  • X-ray evidence of a leak
  • Desired change in size
  • Capsular contracture – tightening of scar tissue
  • Implant position shifts
  • Stretched skin or weight change

Smoking tobacco, taking some medications and using some natural supplements may slow the natural healing process of patients with breast implants in Wesley Chapel. Discuss these factors and your medical history with your doctor prior to the procedure.


What are the steps of the breast augmentation revision procedure?

Before the procedure, a general anesthetic or intravenous sedation is administered for patient comfort. Each breast augmentation revision procedure is different. For some procedures, the incisions may be made along the same incision lines as the original surgery. Other incisions may be required around the areola, from the breast crease to the areola, or along the breast crease. The breast implants Wesley Chapel patients have will be adjusted or replaced, the tissue secured and the incisions closed.

How long is recovery following the procedure?

Recovery will be nearly identical to your original breast augmentation procedure. Following the surgery, a surgical dressing will be applied. Tubes may be inserted for proper drainage of the healing tissue. A support bra or other garment may be worn for proper support and to minimize swelling and bruising. Results of the surgery should be immediately apparent, though residual swelling may affect the appearance initially. Dressings may often be removed within a few days but you will need to wear a support bra to protect the breasts. Physical activity should be avoided for a few weeks, though it may be possible to return to work within a week.

Is there scarring from a breast augmentation revision?

The incisions may be hidden within the previous incision lines, or purposely located in an area that is not prominent. Fine sutures will be used to minimize any visible scarring, which should continue to fade for up to six months.

Are there any possible complications?

Breast augmentation revision carries the same possible risks as breast augmentation. Most breast implants may eventually require replacement to ensure they are in the best possible condition. As with other surgical procedures, there is a risk of bleeding, scarring, infection or poor wound healing.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Revisions in Tampa

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