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Buttocks Implants

Surgical enhancement of the buttocks may be achieved in a number of ways. The use of silicone implants provides a stable and permanent solution. Other options such as fat transfer, offer more temporary results.

A custom silicone implant is chosen for each patient. This is done depending on specific body shape and appearance goals. The buttocks implantation process is similar to that of breast augmentation. Liposuction is also sometimes used to further enhance the new shape.

When to Consider Buttocks Implants

Ideal candidates for buttocks implants have a thorough understanding of the possible outcomes. Buttocks implants may be able to:

  • Improve balance between the buttocks
  • Create a more proportional body contour
  • Increase the size of the buttocks
  • Make the buttocks sleeker and more toned

Discuss your full medical history with Dr. Mosiello during your consultation. Not smoking and some medications may help improve healing.


What are the steps of buttocks implants?

Intravenous sedation or general anesthetic is first used, and an incision is made. This is typically along the buttock crease or along the line between the buttocks and upper thigh. A pocket is created underneath or on top of the gluteus maximus muscle.

The implant is inserted into place within this pocket. The pocket is secured, and the procedure repeated on the other side. Great care is taken to keep the implants as symmetrical as possible.

Liposuction may be used to provide additional symmetrical contouring of the area. The incisions are closed using fine sutures and surgical tape.

What is recovery like following the procedure?

Bandaging may be done immediately following the procedure. Often a compression garment is worn to minimize swelling and hold the implants in place. Typically, you cannot lie down on your back for up to two weeks. Normal activities may be resumed following this period, but extended sitting should be avoided. Complete recovery may take 3-8 weeks.

Will there be scarring from buttocks implants?

The incisions are specifically located in areas that make them hard to notice. This includes the crease between the buttocks or the line between buttocks and upper thigh. Incisions will be closed with fine sutures for minimally visible scarring. This scarring should fade over one year.

How will I feel after the procedure?

The sensitive area of the implants increases the possibility of discomfort associated with swelling and bruising. Compression garments may help manage this pain, in conjunction with prescription medications.

Are there any possible complications with buttocks implants?

This procedure has a chance of certain complications, including implant shifting and asymmetric appearance. Additionally, there is a risk of infection, bleeding and sensitivity, as in other surgical procedures. Your consultation with Dr. Mosiello will include a full discussion of potential complications.

Learn More About Buttocks Implants in Tampa

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