Breast Augmentation 8523

Case #8523

50 year old female who had cosmetic breast augmentation in 2000 with 250 cc saline implants.

She reported a deflation of the left saline implant over the last 2 years and presented with capsular contracture and asymmetry.

She underwent removal of the saline implants and replacement with Allergan Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch Full profile 365 cc silicone gel filled implants.

Her takeaway: there’s hope!

Talking points: Deflation happens. Don’t let fear or cost keep you from the body you desire. Dr. Mosiello will evaluate your current implant status and make recommendations based on your body type, goals, and lifestyle. Implants have come a long way and the Allergan Natrelle Inspira collection offers 3 levels of cohesivity of their gel implants.
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